About Us

Our story begins like many great stories do; with beer.

Three lads from "Beer City USA", Grand Rapids, MI, were drinking some of their favorite local craft beer, sharing their personal analysis of their most recent craft beer consumption. Nothing out of the norm. In fact, it was a conversation they had had many times before. We never said it out loud, but our conversations did; we love to love beer. 

It wasn't simply that we loved beer. We uncovered our true feelings. We love everything about craft beer. The people that make it (sometimes us), the people we drink it with, the breweries popping up on every corner, and everything else that pairs perfectly with beer. Food? you betchya! 

More than words. That's what we needed to tell the world and share with others our love of craft beer. More than just drinking, talking, and checking in our favorites on Untapped. We wanted to show it off and celebrate with others that we were made for this love affair. We were made to drink craft beer. We were made to brew.